Our installation department is at the forefront of modern technology and can provide solutions for standard and bespoke applications. Our products are manufactured to the very highest standards and comply with all current standards and regulations. Each lift that we install has been 100% pre tested and pre adjusted to ensure smooth and accurate installation.

Our products are suitable for projects up to 48 stops with 8 lifts working within a group also a contract speed of up to 4m/s

We offer both standard and bespoke options, including standard machine room lifts to machine room-less (MRL) glass lifts with a vast range of finishes and fixtures to choose from. Our products are suitable for Hotels, retail units, offices and residential dwellings

All lifts installed are compliant to EN81-1, EN81-2 and the lift directive EC 95/16.

We also include a 12 months parts warranty and a 12 month basic maintenance service within the contract price.

Comprehensive operating manuals are issued as part of the project handover.

If you have a project that requires any type of lift, we can accommodate you requirements

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